Roof Cleaning in Toowoomba

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Roof cleaning in Toowoomba.

Why Have Roof Cleaning Done On Your Home Or Business & Who Should You Get To Do It?

If you are a new homeowner or have owned a home for a period of time you will realise that the roof of your home gives it street appeal and this makes it stand out from the rest. Because of this it is important for you to have your roof clean and presentable. It also makes your home look good and adds to its value.

If your roof is neglected and is not cleaned and maintained you will see dirt, algae and stains starting to appear which will take away from your home appearance. Overtime, these deposits may cause damage to your roof’s surface which could then become very costly as your roof may need to be resurfaced or replaced. To avoid this occurring it is recommended that you have your roof periodically cleaned and maintained by a professional roof cleaner from Roof Cleaning Toowoomba.

When your roof is professionally cleaned you can be sure that they will be checking the condition of your roof and report to you any damage that has occurred to your roof. There is a couple of different methods that may be used to clean your roof e.g. it can be pressure cleaned or soft cleaned. In most instances a soft clean will be sufficient where a mild, non-toxic detergent is sprayed on your roof to assist with the removal of dirt, mould and fungi. The use of this detergent will in no way affect your roofing material, guttering or downpipes. All surfaces are thoroughly rinsed after the wash to ensure your plants or lawn are not affected in anyway.

If you are at all concerned about the roof cleaning process, please do not hesitate to ask our representative when they are quoting on the work to be carried out.

Pressure cleaning is usually advised by roof cleaners when preparing your roof to be repainted or resurfaced. Pressure cleaning will assist in the removal of loose and flaking material to ensure your roof is well prepared to receive new treatment. Pressure cleaning of your roof should always be carried out by a professional roof cleaner as using the incorrect pressure or incorrect angle can cause further harm to your roof.

Safety is our number one concern.

Roof Cleaning Toowoomba take safety very seriously. All our team members are trained and hold Working at Heights tickets and use the correct personal protective equipment for each task. To ensure a safe working environment for our team and for your family it is necessary to have pets and children away from the outside area of your home while your roof is being inspected and cleaned.

While our representative is onsite discussing your roof cleaning needs, why not ask about other concrete cleaning jobs that you could get done at the same time.

Some of these jobs may include having your driveway cleaned or having your outdoor furniture and deck area pressured cleaned by one of out expert team members. 

It's Always A Good Idea To Get A Professional Roof Cleaner To Do This Job For You

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Whilst you do not need to be home while the work is being carried out we highly recommend that you ensure that all doors and windows are fully closed. The representative will discuss with you if any outdoor furniture or other items need to be moved during the cleaning process. Ask our representative if you need assistance with the moving of any items.

Our dedicated team can be contacted at any time by email or call us during business hours to discuss a suitable time for a no-obligation free quote.

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